Step-by-Step Guide to Filing An Insurance Claim For Austin Roof Damage

Has your roof been damaged because of a storm or low-hanging tree? Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need to call an Austin roofer for a roof repair or complete replacement. This can be pricey, but luckily, many homeowners insurance policies cover roof damage caused by environmental elements. If your policy has you covered, its important to understand the steps of filing a claim so you have to pay as little as possible. Heres a step-by-step guide to keep handy if you ever need to file a claim for Austin roof damage:

calculator-385506_1280Call a professional.

Your instinct may tell you to call an insurance company immediately following roof damage, but wait! First, contact a local roofing company and ask them to inspect the damage to determine if you should file a claim or not. Even if your roof doesnt look so bad from the outside, you shouldnt put this off. There could be damage to the internal structure that is not visible, so its best to get it checked out right away. Plus, many homeowners insurance policies only allow you to file a claim for roof damage for a certain period of time after the damage occurs. If you think the roof is damaged but decide to wait, you may be out of luck once the damage worsens.Be sure to find a roofing contractor that deals with insurance claims on a regular basis. These professionals will know exactly how to help you in this stressful situation. The Austin roofing professional who comes to look at your roof can also document the damage with photos, precise measurements of the damaged area, and a written report. If you do file a claim, this evidence will be very useful since it is coming directly from a roofing professional. But, if the roofing professional does not believe you should file a claim, perhaps because the damage is too minor and wont be covered, then now is your chance to arrange a time to have it repaired.?

File a claim with your insurance company.

If the damage does warrant an insurance claim, contact your insurance company right away and provide the representative with as much information as possible. Mention you have already consulted with a roofing professional who documented the damage, so you have photos and a written report that will need to accompany your claim. If youre not familiar with the details of your homeowners insurance policy, ask the representative you speak with to provide you with more information. How much of the costs will be covered if your claim is approved? What is your deductible? Does it matter how old your roof is? Some policies will only cover a portion of the damage if your roof is over a certain age. For example, if you havent replaced your roof in 15 years and it is damaged during a storm, your insurance may only pay 75% of the replacement costs.Its important to get this information upfront so you know what to expect. If you will only have a percentage of the repairs covered by insurance in the best case scenario, this is good to know so there arent any surprises down the road.?

Schedule a meeting with the insurance adjuster.

After your claim has been submitted with your insurance company, they will ask that you schedule a meeting with an insurance adjuster. The adjuster will visit your home to take a closer look at the roof damage on behalf of the insurance company. Ask the roofing contractor who originally inspected your roof to meet at your home at the same time as the insurance adjuster. This way, the roofing contractor can speak with the adjuster about the damage to ensure he has a clear understanding of exactly what happened, when it occurred, and what needs to be done to fix it. Dealing with an insurance adjuster can be stressful, but the Austin roofing professionals at Transition Roofing act as your advocate to make sure your insurance company gives you what you deserve.

Replace your roof.

Once the insurance adjuster and roofing contractor have met to assess the damage and estimate the costs of a roof replacement, your insurance company will continue processing your claim. If it is approved, you will be notified immediately so you can contact a roofing professional to begin repairing or replacing your roof. At this point, you shouldnt have any out-of-pocket expenses except for the deductible on your insurance policythat is, unless your policy was only designed to cover a portion of the expenses.To learn more about filing an insurance claim for your roof or to schedule an inspection of your roofs damage, contact Transition Roofing. Our team will help you every step of the way to ensure your roof is repaired in a timely manner. Call (512) 416-6000 for a free estimate!Related Articles:  

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