Commercial Roofing Maintenance Tips For Winter

Winter is right around the corner, which means its almost time for the hectic holiday season. But, in the midst of holiday parties, gift exchanges and traveling to celebrate with friends and loved ones, you may forget one thing: your roof! Winter presents unique challenges for commercial roofing in Austin, so it is essential that you follow these commercial roofing maintenance tips for winter:

Schedule frequent inspections.

Make a note in your calendar to check the condition of the roof on a regular basis if you live in area where your roof will be exposed to excessive water, snow, or ice. During these inspections, make sure there is no buildup of water, snow, or ice on the roof, and if there is, you will need call a commercial roofing contractor in Austin as soon as possible to have it removed. Why? Lets say you notice water beginning to buildup on your commercial buildings flat roof. Although most roofs are designed to allow water to flow off of the roof, there are usually a few areas where the water tends to sit instead of draining. If it goes untouched, the weight of the water may damage your buildings roof and require costly repairs.

Look for leaks.

As temperatures begin to drop, the sealants used to keep the panels of your roof together may begin to shrink and eventually crack in extreme temperatures. When this sealant begins to weaken, you may start to notice leaks inside your building. Its essential that you take care of these leaks right away to avoid further damage. However, cracking usually only occurs in older roofs that have been worn down over the years. If your roofing is fairly new, this should not occur unless the roofing professionals installed it incorrectly.Even if you dont notice any leaks inside your building, you should still keep an eye out for signs of moisture buildup. Look for dark, round spots forming on the ceiling inside your building. Even if water is not dripping down yet, this dark spot indicates it is building up underneath your roof. Bubbles on the surface of your roof are also cause for concern, since this is a sign moisture has infiltrated past the top layer of your roof.Although many commercial property owners may want to save money by trying to fix the leak on their own, call a commercial roofing contractor in Austin to perform these repairs in the winter. Working on a roof can be trickier during the winter because the surface might be slippery from ice or water. Dont take the chance by doing this repair on your owncontact a contractor if you notice any leaks.


The sealant holding the roofs panels together is not the only part of your roof that may begin to crack. Alligatoring is the term used to describe cracks in the surface of your roof caused by external elements. Exposure to UV rays during the summer can dry out the surface of flat roofs and cause minor cracks. If you dont have this problem fixed before winter, the shift in temperature combined with the presence of ice can cause these cracks to deepen and expand. A commercial roofing contractor in Austin will need to apply a coating to the roof to protect it from further damage, so make the call as soon as possible.

Clear all gutters.

During the winter, branches, leaves and twigs may fall onto your commercial building and then drain into your gutter. Be sure to check the gutters while you do your regular inspection to ensure everything is draining properly. If you notice large debris, remove it immediately to prevent your gutters from blocking. If the gutters become blocked, the water on your roof will have nowhere to drain, so it will be forced to accumulate on top of your building, which is something you do not want to happen.

Check for rust.

As you make your way down your commercial roofing maintenance checklist, be sure to check for rust on the roofs joints. Joints are found where the slope of the roof begins to change direction or where in the space between the roof and an external wall of the building. This part of the roof begins to deteriorate over time because of exposure to harsh external elements such as fluctuating temperatures and precipitation. If you notice rust building up on your roofs joints, call a contractor to come do a formal inspection of the roof. Rust can signify bigger problems, such as a small leak that you may have missed, so its best to have it checked out immediately.To learn more about commercial roofing maintenance, contact Transition Roofing. Our team will help you determine how to care for your commercial roof and extend its lifespan as much as possible. Call (512) 416-6000 for a free estimate!Related Articles:  

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