Insurance Related Issues and Terms

Repairing your roof is one of the most costly repairs that your home will ever need, and unfortunately, it may also the one that causes the most problems with the provider of your homeowners insurance.

Your policy most likely contains many restrictions, exclusions, and other things that will limit the liability of your insurance regarding replacement or repair of your roof by an Austin Roofing Company.Maintenance ExclusionIts common for roofs to get old and show signs of damage even when nothing uncommon happens. When your roof begins to break down due to old age, the price that you pay to have it repaired will be substantial. Due to this, your homeowners insurance does not cover the typical maintenance that is performed on roofs. If you file a claim regarding damage to your roof, an adjuster will need to inspect your roof to make sure that the repair is not related to general maintenance. If they dont find a reason for you to have roofing repairs, your insurance company has the right to deny the claim.Material TypesYou might have a homeowners policy that will only provide insurance for roofs that are made with specific types of material. If your roof is made out of tile, and your insurance policy has an exclusion clause for this type of material, your claim will be denied. If you have a roof that is made from materials that are very rare, you might find it a little difficult to even file a claim. Make sure to talk with your agent beforehand to determine if your roof will qualify for an insurance claim.Partial AuthorizationYour insurance does not have to pay for anything that is not related to the damage or loss. If your roof is partially destroyed by a tornado, and an Roofing Company contractor gives you a quote for replacing the entire roof, your insurance might not pay this amount. This might seem a little unfair; however, it is entirely legal. If you would like to have the roof replaced anyway, you will need to pay for the repair on your own.BettermentIn specific states, homeowners insurance is required to charge betterment. However, this is only applied when the material that is used to replace the old material is better, of a different type, or more expensive than the previous material. You might have to pay for a little of the roofing repairs, since your insurance is only going to be willing to pay for the types of materials covered in the policy. You may be able to avoid this problem if you are lucky enough to have a replacement cost endorsement on the homeowners policy that you have.If you are curious about the terms that you have in your homeowners policy, it might be best if you speak with your insurer, or visit an agent. They will be able to tell you what your insurance covers and what it doesnt cover. Also, make sure that you learn as much as you can about the type of roof that you have, and whether or not it is covered in the policy.Hail storm repairs

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