Austin roof repair and roof leak diagnostic experts.

If you are experiencing a active roof leak or have noticed your residential or commercial buildings roof appears damaged. We are experts in diagnosis and repair,

Call Transition Roofing at (512)416-6000 for immediate roofing repair service.

percentage of roofs we were able to diagnose correctly
percentage of roofs we were able to repair successfully
Percentage of roofs that could not be repaired and needed to be replaced

Common Reasons For Roof Repair

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Cracked or blistering roof shingles

before you attempt roof repair of cracked or blistering shingles. you need to figure out why. the most common reason is not having enough roof venting


Inadequate roof slope

Even Flat roofs?need a slope?in order to shed water properly. If the slope is inadequate water will start pooling causing leaks and shortening the life of a flat roof


Missing or loose shingles.

Missing or loose shingles are a major reason for roof leaks. In Austin this is one of the most common reasons for roof repair


Bad or broken flashings

The pipe flashing on this metal roof needs repair, in order to stop the roof leak


Hail damaged roofing

Hail damaged roofing ?is a major problem in Austin and Central Texas. If it hails on your house, you should have your roof inspected as soon as possible


Incorrectly installed roofing

We see incorrectly installed roofing all the time. Make sure you hire a experience certified roofing contractor for all your roof repairs

What Yelp Austin is Saying about us

So relieved David and his crew were available to waterproof my 240 sq ft upstairs balcony before the heavy rains last weekend. After struggling for several weeks to find a reliable roofer I decided to use Thumbtack. David was the first person to respond and came by to give me a quote the same day. His quote was fair and he explained everything that needed to be done. He kept me in the loop during the process and even special ordered the material I needed after hearing my concerns about the impending rain. He listened to my needs and responded by knocking the job out in one day. The deck looks great and I am very happy with the results. I would recommend David and Transition Roofing to anybody, especially if you don’t want to get the run around like I did for five weeks between three other roofers. Wish I had called Transition in the first place. Thank you!Charles W.Austin, TX 8/15/2016

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