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happy roof repair customersOne of the most exciting and important purchases most people will ever make is the purchase of a new home.? Because these major investments involve so many steps, including selecting the home, applying for and being approved for a mortgage, and planning to move, often times performing a thorough home inspection is overlooked.? Even when an inspection is completed, the prospective homeowners often focus primarily on the inside of the home, and may neglect to thoroughly review the roof entirely.? Considering the roof is one of them most important aspects of any building, it is recommended that all new home buyers review a homes roof thoroughly before purchasing.? Here are some things to look for:

Exterior Inspection 

Shingle damage

Austin, Texas experiences a wide variety of weather events every year, many of which being significant enough to cause shingle damage.? Wind, hail, and rain are all weather events which may cause the shingles on a homes roof to wear.? Look for shingles which are curled or otherwise misshapen, missing, lacking granulation, have holes in them, or are otherwise damaged.

Exposed nails

Sections of a roof which feature exposed nails may indicate that that particular area was damaged in the past.? The damage may have been significant, and exposed nails and often denote areas where the roof leaks.

Damaged gutters

A roofs gutters are used to channel the water which falls on the roof to a pre-designated collection area away from the homes foundation.? A roof which has damaged gutters may also be experiencing foundation problems.? This also goes for gutters which are overflowing, especially if the debris appears to have accumulated over a significant period of time.

Hail damage

Roof shingles which have pockmarks in various areas have probably experienced hail damage.? When hail impacts a roof it may compromise the UV coding on the shingles, causing them to wear more quickly and thereby expose the inner part of the roof to the weather.


If any portion of the roof is sagging this could indicate that the entire structure is compromised.? Sagging in the center of the roof, or even near the edges, is a very serious concern.

Interior Inspection


When checking for leaks, look for characteristic signs of water damage on the homes walls and ceiling.? Also, if the home has an attic, take a flashlight and inspect the ceiling and walls of the attic for water damage as well. A roof which is found to be leaking could indicate that it has additional problems. Hence, a leaking roof should always be inspected more thoroughly to find the ultimate source of the issue.


In severe cases holes in the roof may actually be visible as a result of light passing through them from the outside.? These kinds of holes are a serious issue and must be dealt with immediately.When purchasing a new home it is best to have an Austin roofing contractor thoroughly inspect the roof in order to determine whether or not it has serious problems. In the case that the roof is not up to living standards, the contractor can give you a fast and easy estimate as to how much it will cost to repair and how long the process would likely take.Our local roof inspections cost $125 to $225 for residential homes under 3000 sq ft, upto a 6/12 roof pitch and we will  use the cost of inspection as towards any repair or replacement you may needlearn about tar and gravel “built up Roofing” 

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