Repairing Tar and Gravel Roofs

Tar and gravel roofs

Also known as “hot mops”, or “built up roofs” are extremely durable roofs, but like any roof, they can suffer from wear and tear over time. So what are some signs your built up roof ? Before discussing the signs, it might help to understand how such a roof works. Built on layers of tar and roofing felt, a final layer of hot tar is applied, as is gravel to keep out sunlight and help curb water damage by spreading the water to the edges of the roof as well as the drains.

You will need to climb on your roof to check these for signs, so exercise extreme caution not only to avoid falls, but to avoid electrical wires as well. If you are not comfortable performing these tasks, contact a our company¬†¬†for assistance. All you will need to complete this inspection are knee pads, work gloves and a push broom. Finally, be sure the roof is dry when you inspect it.Walk around the roof, and look for signs of missing gravel and exposed tar, as these are signs the tar and gravel roof needs repair. Also look for cracks in the tar, and small, dried bubbles. Next, look for piles of gravel near the roof drains, as this is a sign repairs are needed. Next, take the push broom, sweep away the gravel and look for cracked and exposed tar.The next step is to look at the metal flashing where pipes come in. Roof Flashings are made of metal and designed and installed, to keep water out of the building. If you notice cracks are missing roofing martial around the penetration, then this is another sign your tar and gravel roof needs repair. Examine the gravel near roof top electrical conduits and air duct vents. Be extremely careful when inspecting the electrical conduits, as to avoid shock or electrocution. Then walk the roof’s perimeter and inspect the flashing. If the overlapping tar is cracked or missing, then it might be time for a repair.Some extra hints: take a screwdriver and open the roof drains by clearing them of gravel or debris . Clean them out, and inspect the lower ends of roof drainpipes and downspouts for signs of excessive gravel. If you find this, then it might be a sign of tar deterioration, and a sign the roof requires repair.Keep in mind there is no substitute for having a professional roofing company examine your roof before deciding to hire a company to complete the work.. These are just signs that you can see on your own, and if you do note signs of excessive damage, then contact a professional roof company to confirm the damage and make the needed repairs. You may find that it will be cheaper in the long run to simply replace the roof, especially if the current one is over 20 years articlehome page

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