Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Roof

When your roof ages, it will become more prone to damage from severe weather and the required repairs will become much more expensive with each year that passes. https://transitionroofing.com have compiled the following list of tips and suggestions to help prolong the life of your roof and minimize the roofing repairs that you need.

Install Appropriate Roof Ventilation

When you install louvered vents, attic exhaust fans, soffit vents or ridge vents, you can reduce your homes energy bill while prolonging its live and minimizing the effects of ice damage during the winter months.

Trim Shrubbery and Tree Limbs

If there are any tree limbs or other type of shrubbery touching or shading your roof, it is a good idea to trim it back. These branches can cause serious roof damage and cause the growth of moss on the roofs surface. Not only will you be able to prevent damage when you trim foliage back, you will also prevent any unwanted visitors from gaining access to your attic or home through the roof.

Clean Gutters Regularly

A major reason that homeowners have to call for roof repairĀ  is due to overflowing or blocked gutters. It is highly advised that you have your homes gutters cleaned twice a year, preferably during the spring and fall. It is also a good idea to install gutter guards, which will keep any larger debris from clogging up your downspouts.

Inspect the Roofs Flashings

This includes all area of flashing, vent pipes, skylights, chimney and any other area. After a long and cold winter, flashings can become loose and may be cracked and dried out. You should call a reputable Austin, Texas roofing company to have the joints that are in between the bricks in your chimney checked. You may have loose or missing mortar and repairing this issue will prevent any wind driving rain from entering your home.

Check for Signs of Missing Shingles

If you have noticed any pieces of shingles in your yard, or areas where shingles are missing on your roof, or if you have cracked or curling shingles, it is important to have your roof inspected by a professional roofing contractor before the problem becomes worse and more expensive.

Flat Roof Considerations

Flat roofs will require certain considerations, such as ensuring that the roof drains are completely free from any type of debris. When water gathers on a flat roof it can cause severe deterioration of the roof decking, as well as the insulation on the interior of your roof.The fact is that you have no control over Mother Nature, which means that you must take proactive and preventative maintenance steps to prolong the life of your roof and keep it in good condition years down the road. When you need any type of roofing maintenance, repair or service, you need to contact a professional Austin, TX roofing company for more information. This will ensure that your roof lasts and that serious damage does not occur.read next article

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