TPO Roofing and Green Building

Green building

Has seen a rise in the last few years with many companies opting for construction that adheres to energy-efficient standards. Eco-friendly buildings have shown to reduce energy costs over time and limit damage to the surrounding environment, and its growth across the world has been nothing short of remarkable.Roofing is a large part of green construction. In roofing, besides using recycled materials and other traditional methods, one of the more popular processes of green construction is TPO roofing. This type of material has been highly regarded by many all over the world for a variety of reasons. But what is it about TPO roofing that makes it so widely praised, as well as an ideal choice for green building

Flat Roofs

TPO roofing, or thermoplastic polyolefin roofing, is a single-ply system that involves welding pieces together with the ability to become a monolithic sheet, like any other thermoplastic. This material does not degrade over time due to solar UV radiation, instead reflecting the heat from sunlight and allowing for an overall longer roof life and a much cooler building. The Department of Energy mentions on their website that cool roofs also help reduce local temperatures and power plant emissions, as well as lowering the buildings demand for electricity.Additionally, TPO roofing does not use plasticizers or other chemicals commonly found in building materials and rubber roofs, which are not considered eco-friendly. TPO roofing is single-ply, and typically is installed  flat surface instead of a slanted design. The flatness, combined with its single-ply design, allows TPO roofing to be done quickly, efficiently, and with less cost than most other options.Demand for this type of roof installation should increase in the coming years as more commercial and residential building owners will want to switch over to green building. The technology for TPO roofing has also increased significantly since its birth decades ago. There are now more ways to maintain and keep a thermoplastic roof for a longer period of time with little overall maintenance, allowing for a truly long-lasting roof. With the numerous benefits this type of roofing brings to the building as well as the environment, it is no surprise that TPO roofing has been called the fastest-growing methods in roofing.Read next article

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