Is Your Roof Costing You Money?

As a homeowner or the owner of a commercial property, keeping maintenance costs low is a top priority. If a home or building is not outfitted with the proper roof or a roof becomes damaged, you could be paying more than you need to be. Variables such as the color of your shingles or the shape of your roof could be costing you money. Below are three factors that are affected by your roofing materials and choices.Roof damage costs moneyTemperatureThe color of your shingles can be quite important, depending on where you live. Like with clothes or cars, darker colored shingles or rooftops absorb more heat than lighter ones. This can help keep homes and offices warmer in the winter months. People who live or work in areas with lots of snowfall will want to invest in darker shingles, as they can help snow melt faster, too.On the other side, lighter colors reflect sunlight and can help keep residential and commercial buildings cooler. People living in hotter areas, like Texas and Arizona, should opt for lighter colored shingles for more efficient cooling. Older homes and buildings can also be retrofitted to improve on existing roofs.Electricity and EnergyThe color and material of your roof also impacts your electricity bill. Heating and cooling generally makes up more than half of a household electricity bill. As stated before, the color of your roof can help keep a home warmer or cooler, thus decreasing power bills. In addition, the shape of your roof can affect heating and cooling. Low-slope roofs are usually the most energy efficient.You can also save money on your electric bill by installing solar panels on your rooftops, which are also very energy efficient.WaterRooftops do more than just protect your head from getting wet during the rain. They also help control the flow of rainwater. If your rooftop is not properly designed or if it is damaged, rainwater might not travel in its intended direction. Instead, it could accumulate and cause roof damage and leaks, or create large puddles on your lawn. Proper water drainage is especially important for commercial buildings, as their roofs are larger and more expensive to repair.To avoid high costs in roofing repairs, consult a roofing contractor to learn what options are available to make your roof as efficient and cost-effective as possible.Roofing Insurance claimsRoofing Insurance claims 

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